World Book Day 2019

St. Conaire’s was a busy place in preparation for World Book Day 2019.  Every pupil, every staff member and every class level were involved in activities related to books.  Throughout the week all classes took part in D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) at different times.  Homework all week related to reading and book-based activities.  A competition was organised to have classroom doors decorated as book jackets.  A number of classes visited Shannon Library and explored what a fantastic asset the library is for our community.  Reading Buddy sessions were arranged between Junior and Senior Classes.  “Story as a school” – one class started as story and the next class continued with it.  Class groupings were arranged and the finished stories were shared at assembly.  We had great fun with the “Who is reading what?” guessing game – photos were taken of every staff member hidden behind their chosen reading material and the pupils had to figure out who the reader was.  On March 8th the Junior Infants came to school for their Bedtime Story and were dressed in pyjamas and slippers.  Everyone had a brilliant time this week.  Remember, reading is for life – read on!

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