Wellbeing Wednesday, September 28th 2022

Pupils and staff took part in a very special day today.  It is Wellbeing Wednesday.  Our Wellbeing Committee has worked hard over the past year in promoting wellbeing, resilience and positivity in our school.  The focus is on inclusivity, friendship and kindness.  The Wellbeing Committee comprising of staff and students earned our second amber flag in June 2022.  This was shown to all pupils today at assembly.  Awards were given out for showing kindness and consideration towards others.  After small break, each child in the school participated in active stations on the yard and on the field.  A plan was made for a wet day too but, happily, the sun shone on us!  Afternoon activities included the Name Jar Story and this was explored in the classrooms.  Active homework was assigned for the evening and everyone was encouraged to take a break from screens.  A huge thanks to all who put in a massive effort in preparing for a fun and meaningful day.

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