6th class visit Shannon Technical Services

Mr. Glynn’s 6th class were delighted to be invited to visit Shannon Technical Services recently.  The pupils got to meet company founder and CEO, Ben Whelan.  Mr. Whelan spoke to the pupils and answered their many questions on business, hard work and the lessons to be learned from trying and doing your best at all times.  He encouraged the pupils to acquire many different skills and to work with each other.  We were also delighted to see so many different sporting trophies on display in STS.  The staff of STS warmly welcomed the 6th class, teachers and SNAs.  We were also treated to some lovely food and we left with souvenirs of our visit as well.  Many thanks to Ben and his staff for giving of their time and for explaining to the children the qualities needed for success in business and in life.  The children will use these insights as they work on their junior entrepreneur projects in 6th class.  Finally, warmest congratulations to Ben and all the team at Shannon Technical Services on the occasion of their 5th anniversary in business – we wish them continued success in the coming years and we hope that some of our pupils may become future employees of STS.

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