The R.T.É. Concert Orchestra by Oluwatomi from Mrs Glynn’s Class

On Wednesday January 15th last my class went to see the R.TÉ. Concert Orchestra in the University of Limerick.  We travelled by bus.

The concert started at 10 o’clock. The conductor was Gearóid Grant. We heard the violin, xylophone, trumpet, drums, cello, double bass, harp, clarinet, flute and a guitar. The music went straight from low notes to high notes!

We heard My Boy Lollipop. It was a fast song. We also heard Tea for Two a few times. It was my favourite song of all! We also did the Hokey Cokey. I think everyone enjoyed that. It was fun because we did the dance. We also heard Molly Malone, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean and Hit the Road, Jack. I enjoyed all of the songs. My favourite part was when two men were fighting for the piano.

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