Super Supermacs Pizza Makers by Freya

“Hooray!” we cheered for the third time.  It was great news. Róisín had won!  She had won the colouring competition!  The whole class were going to Supermacs on Tuesday for a “make and bake” pizza session.

Tuesday finally arrived.  It was a cold but sunny day.  We left the school with Mrs. Eisenberg.  Liz accompanied us.  She was the designated photographer.

We arrived at Supermacs and felt very excited.  We went upstairs and were divided into groups.  At each of our desks there was an activity sheet.  Next, Hannah showed us how to form the pizza box.  Then, group by group, we went to the dough table.  We rolled it, stretched it, burst its air bubbles and put it on a round tray.   When we finished that, we went to the toppings table and put on sauce and cheese.  We got to choose from ham, corn, peppers, chicken and pepperoni for our toppings.

Once that was done, and the pizzas were baked, we ate our pizzas and drank Coke.  David chose Kyle’s sheet as the best and Kyle won a Minion.  We all got a certificate and a €5 voucher.  It was a wonderful experience.

By Freya

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