Super Furry Animals come to St. Conaire’s for Science Week

Pupils at St. Conaire’s got to see some of Ireland’s native mammals up close and personal today.  Super Furry Animals is an interactive presentation on the special features and charactersitics of the mammal species found in the wild in Ireland.  Stuffed specimens allowed the children to explore various adaptations of the otter, mink, fox, squirrel, hedgehog, rabbit, hare, bat, pygmy shrew, hare and deer species.  It was a great opportunity for the children to see and appreciate these beautiful, elusive animals and to realise how protecting habitats and the environment is essential to the future of these fauna in our country.  The show was delivered by Catherine Daly, Heritage Specialist.  You can see pictures of the day in these galleries:  Super Furry Animals  More Wild Animals

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