St. Conaire’s Scientists Exhibit at RDS Science Fair in Limerick

4th class scientists from Mr. MacNamara’s class exhibited a project on air quality in Co. Clare at the RDS Science Fair 2016 which was held in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick on January 15 2016.  Here is their account:

As part of our project we posed a question.  We worked scientifically to try to find the answer to the question we posed.  We asked:  “How does the air quality in Shannon compare to the air quality in rural Clare?”  We then learned all about air – the composition of air, the properties of air and air pollution. 

We took air readings from a gas analyser and designed instruments which caught visible dust particles in the air.  We analysed all the results.  Our results showed very little difference between Shannon and rural Clare in air quality on the dates we tested.  From this we came up with the conclusion that there is minimal difference between Shannon’s air and the air in rural Clare. 

We also had a speaker from the Environmental Protection Agency come and visit us.  He confirmed our conclusion.

We really enjoyed this project and we loved working like real scientists.  We felt very proud presenting our findings in front of many other students and teachers in Mary Immaculate College last Friday.  By 4th Class.

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