St. Conaire’s Choir, the Cork Pops Orchestra & the Colours of Music

On Friday November 11th 2016, our choir went to the University Concert Hall in Limerick to see and hear Evelyn Grant and the Cork Pops Orchestra perform ‘The Colours of Music’ show.  We learned there are so many different moods in music and for some people these moods can be ‘heard’ as colours!  It was a really enjoyable experience. The combined instruments of the orchestra blend beautifully together.


 Evelyn highlighted the different sections of the orchestra to us and explained how each instrument makes its unique sound.  Following each explanation we listened to a classical piece featuring that instrument.  Some of these were ‘Air on a G String’ by Bach, Gabriel’s Oboe and Mise Éire.

Keith Hanley a former ‘You’re a Star’ winner was a special guest and he sang some popular songs with us.  Some of the songs we sang together were ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, Justin Timberlake’s ‘I’ve Got That Feeling’ and Chainsmokers ‘Closer’. Evelyn encouraged us to dance to the beat!  We had a great time and you can see some of the pictures from the day in this gallery;  Colours of Music



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