Newly-elected Student Council 2016

The newly-elected Student Council convened on March 7 2016.  The Student Council is made up of 9 elected members.  The members come from the 5th and 6th classes and are elected annually.  The recent elections were held to coincide with General Election 2016.  The electorate was made up of pupils from the senior classes in St. Conaire’s.  Each class held its own hustings and nominated a number of their peers to stand for election.  The nominated candidates then addressed a school assembly and outlined their policies.  The ballot was held in the school on Thursday, February 25 and the count was completed under the supervision of pupils and school staff.  Five new members were elected and joined their colleagues from 6th class on the council.  The Student Council will meet to discuss its priorities and will then meet with school management and the Board of Management.

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