Learning about Science & Nature in the school environment

On Tuesday, October 14th, 2014, children from 1st to 5th classes planted a variety of spring bulbs around St. Conaire’s.  The planted bulbs included different varieties of daffodils, tulips, irises, crocuses and alium.  They also planted more unusual types such as fritillaria known as Snake’s Head and Erythronium known as Dog’s Tooth.  The children got involved in preparing the planting plan and the ground for the bulbs.

There was great excitement as the children encountered and learned about all the mini-creatures in the earth.  Worms were a great source of interest and they learned how the worm’s burrowing action and feeding habits enrich the soil thus helping plants to grow strong and healthy.  The children made a wormery which is on display in the resource classroom where further scientific investigations will be carried out.

The children derived enormous enjoyment from this valuable learning experience.  We are all looking forward to spring when the children’s flower bed will be covered by an array of colourful spring flowers.


Click here to see photographs of the planting.

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