Celebration of First Holy Communion

Pupils in our 2nd classes made their First Holy Communion in Ss. John & Paul Church on Saturday, May 9 2015.  The sky was clear and the sun shone after the heavy rain of the previous day.  Fr. Tom Ryan PP was the celebrant and the children were prepared by their teachers, Ms. Greene and Ms. McDonagh.

This was a special day in the lives of the children, their families, our school and the parish.  The road to this special Mass began in September when the children were enrolled in the faith formation programme.  Over the past eight months the children and their parents have been attending Mass on Sundays, taking part in the liturgy and working with their teachers.  Music was provided by children from 5th and 6th classes under the direction of Ms. Cleary, Ms. White and Ms. McDonagh.  We thank them for their support.  The Parents’ Association hosted a small celebration for the boys and girls in the school on Wednesday, May 13 2015.

We also thank all school staff who assisted in the preparation of the children for this most special of days.  Thanks also to our sacristans, Charlie and Sharon Murray, for their kind assistance and support.  Click here to view a gallery of pictures from the day.

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