Cambridge Lecturer David Nally visits St. Conaire’s








Mr. O’Brien’s class had been studying the famine in May 2013.  They invited past pupil and Cambridge University Lecturer David Nally (a former pupil) to visit their class.  It was a wonderful, informative visit and an account of the event was provided by David’s nephew, Eoin.  Click here to see photographs.

On May 23rd, 2014, my uncle David Nally who is a human geographer and lecturer in Cambridge University visited our class to give us a talk on the Great Famine.  David has written a book on the famine called Human Encumbrances.  He is also a former pupil of St. Conaire’s.

We already knew quite a bit about the famine because Mr. O’Brien had taught us in class.  It was interesting to hear all he had to say.  I especially liked learning all about the workhouses.

David told me later he was extremely impressed with our knowledge and with the questions that we asked him.  It was he said, “the most enjoyable lecture had given in a while” and that he loved being back in St. Conaire’s again!

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