Awareness of IT and online activities of pupils

Can you answer the following questions with certainty?


Do you know who your children are talking to online?

Do you know who all of your child’s online “friends” are?

Do you know what material your child has access to online?

Do you know how much time your child is spending on electronic devices?

Do you understand the content of the games your child plays on electronic devices?

Are you sure that your child’s social media exchanges are safe?


It is doubtful that many people could answer “Yes” to these questions.  The reality is very different and has impacted greatly on family life, school life and children’s relationships.


Parents and teachers have seen a massive increase in children’s use of technology over the past number of years.  They report that school work, family life and children’s recreation are all affected by a new addiction to technology.  Pupils appear listless at school because they have been up late at night on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, PlayStations or on the internet.


St. Conaire’s has conducted a survey of our pupils’ access to and usage of devices as part of our curriculum work.  The results make for disturbing reading.  Click on the link here to see the results:  Technological_Survey_2016__Results

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