1st class story time at library

Our 1st classes had a wonderful excursion to Seán Lemass Library in Shannon on October 14th, 2014.  They attended a storytelling event with Simone and Michael of Storygate who shared tales of adventures, sunken ships and lots of treasure.  They created an enthralling treasure hunt of the imagination.  Pupils and teachers alike were thoroughly engaged by this enjoyable event.  Click here to view photographs of the session.


Here is what Ms. Glenny’s class wrote about the trip.

Yesterday we went to the library to listen to some stories.  Simone, Michael and Vinny the Vulture from the Storygate company told us stories about pirates.

Vinny is a story bird who put story stones in his mouth so that he could tell Simone and Michael what stories to share with us.  It was fun because we got to help with the stories by doing actions, saying special words and waking Vinny up.

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