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School Policies:  Creation and Implementation

The school authorities are responsible for the creation and implementation of policies which affect the daily operation of St. Conaire’s.  These policies have evolved over time and are constantly updated.  The main policies required by legislation are published on this website.  Policies are reviewed by the Board of Management on a regular basis and are updated according to the needs of the school and its mission.


Code of Behaviour

Our Code of Behaviour has been developed to make known the school’s expectations and practices in relation to pupil behaviour.  Good behaviour leads to a conducive learning environment.  The Code may be downloaded through the link here:  Code of Behaviour



St. Conaire’s N.S. is acutely aware of the issue of bullying and takes active steps to prevent and, if necessary, deal with bullying behaviour in the school.

The anti bullying policy may be downloaded  by clicking on the following link:  Anti Bullying Policy

Child Protection

Our child protection policy is reviewed annually and is available for download by clicking on the following link: Child Protection 2017 2018


St. Conaire’s has a policy of assigning homework to pupils to reinforce the work done in school and to encourage independent learning.  For more details, please click on the link here:  Homework Policy


Download the Policy documents

Code of Behaviour
Enrolment Policy

Child Protection 2017 2018
Anti Bullying Policy
Homework Policy